Aortic Valve Repair - Principles and Techniques.

A Video Book

Constant refinement of technique, continued teaching, and continued interaction have resulted in refining the principles of aortic valve repair as well as the specific approaches to the different aortic valve morphologies and pathologies.

In this Video Book Prof. Hans-Joachim Schäfers explains the general principles of aortic valve repair and the specific modifications adapted to valve pathologies in videos. Each description of valve-specific concept is supported by edited videos of actual operations. For surgeons beginning with aortic valve repair, the video chapters on How to Start Cusp Repair and How to Start Root Repair facilitate their first steps.

This video book is unique in that it is available in video format; it provides a basis for general understanding and at the same time focusing on specific principles and technical aspects. The introductory lectures facilitate understanding the details of the operations. The image quality and didactic structure of the edited videos truly help not only with general understanding but also allow for reproduction of the procedures. It will thus be of help to every surgeon seeking practical advice whenever needed for her or his daily work.


Why Repair – An Introduction

How to Repair – A Geometric Approach

Concepts of Repair for Tricuspid/Bicuspid/Unicuspid/Quadricuspid Aortic Valves

How to Start Root/Cusp Repair

  • 20 edited operative videos

Aortic Valve Repair - Principles and Techniques. A Video Book