Aortic Valve Repair - A Video Teaching Series

Aortic valve repair has evolved over the past 15 years from improvisation to an increasingly practiced treatment modality. Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Schäfers has played an active role in this evolution.

He receives credit for introducing a standardized, reproducible, and quantitative approach to aortic valve repair. Over more than 15 years Prof. Schäfers has engaged actively in sharing his knowledge and enormous experience in teaching the principles of aortic valve repair.

These efforts culminated in the most structured and intensive workshops, “Reconstruction of the Aortic Valve and Root – A Practical Approach”. Hundreds of surgeons have attended this focused course over the years focusing, benefitting from intensive teaching, demonstrated operations, and interactive discussion.

The current teaching series builds on this experience in teaching and demonstrating aortic valve repair procedures. It will consist of different components:

  • Workshop recordings of previous courses now made available
  • Aortic Valve Repair - Principles and Techniques is a video book which combines lectures to provide background knowledge as well as edited and commented demonstration of specific operations
  • Selected Videos Online - an access to a selection of operative and explanatory videos

What to expect in our video book Aortic Valve Repair - Principles and Techniques:

Workshop Recordings

Reconstruction of the Aortic Valve and RootHomburg, 2009-2018View the recordings of the live operations of the workshop.

Video Book

Aortic Valve Repair - Principles and TechniquesFirst Edition 2019Learn why and how to repair the aortic valve. Includes more than 20 edited exemplary videos of operative techniques.

Online Video Access

Coming Soon: Selected Videos OnlineView selected videos on aortic valve repair online. Updated regularly to keep you on top of the most recent developments